A Streetcar Named Desire
by Tennessee Williams
March 16—April 1, 2017

A tragic story of love, loss, passion and guilt, Tennessee Williams’ immortal classic is brought to life on The Grand’s stage. The Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama in 1948, the story centers around Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski, Stanley Kowalski and Harold Mitchell (Mitch). Broke and having lost her family home, Blanche is left with no choice but to move in with her sister Stella and her husband Stanley in New Orleans. While there she meets Mitch, a friend of Stanley’s, for whom she quickly begins to have romantic feelings. As the show progresses, we discover secrets from Blanche’s past and a sinister side to Stanley.

Part of the American Classics Series

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Stanley Kowalski Robert Scott Smith
Stella Kowalski Anne Louise Brings
Harold Mitchell (Mitch) Lonzo Liggins
Blanche DuBois April Fossen
Eunice Hubbell Vicki Pugmire
Steve Hubbell Andrew Maizner
Woman Alina Gatrell
Pablo Gonzales Alvaro Cortez
Debt Collector Tristan Johnson
Nurse Kristin Housley
Doctor Max Huftalin
Flower Seller Jillian Joy
Director Mark Fossen
Assistant Director Emilio Casillas
Stage Manager Harrison Corthell
Assistant Director Emma Thompson
Set Halee Rasmussen
Lighting Spencer Brown
Sound Adam Day
Costumes Shannon McCullock
Props Maire Nelligan