Grand Youth


The Grand Theatre presents Grand Youth

Grand Youth provides exciting opportunities available to high school students and educators, such as:

  • Free tickets for students and educators to all Grand Theatre productions.
  • Pre-performance talks with our director, actors, technicians or administration.
  • Tour of the theater and facilities.
  • In-class performances and Q&As with Grand Theatre professionals.
  • Two-week Summer Theatre Master Camp for 7 – 12 grade students.
  • Afterschool Theatre programs throughout the year

At the Grand Theatre, we pride ourselves on being a theatre for the community. With professional-quality productions showcasing local talent, educational outreach programs and community partnerships, there is truly something for everyone.
We’d love to work with you to ensure that your students have a chance to witness and participate in the great theatre that is happening right here in Salt Lake City!

Contact the Grand Theatre at 801-957-3322 to learn more.

2018 Summer Theatre Master Class Camp

June 18-29, 2018

Join ambitious, creative theatre students from across Utah for two weeks of exciting and relevant theatre creation. Work with experienced devising artists to discover the power of theatre through exploration of devised theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. Collaborate with some of Utah’s best theatre students to create fully realized, devised theatre performances for a public audience.

Over the course of the two-week process, you can take master classes focusing on either performance or technical skills which will be applied directly to the creation and public performance of your own devised theatre pieces.

$50 off when you register by May 18th!



Grand Youth is generously sponsored by the Alternative Visions Fund

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