The Producers Auditions

The Grand Theatre announces auditions for Mel Brooks' The Producers. The auditions will be held on Saturday, February 15, 2020 from 10am to 3pm, with dance auditions from 3:30PM-4:15PM and a second group from 4:30PM-5:15PM. Those auditioning must sign up for a vocal audition and a dance audition. Please sign up for an audition online.

Please prepare 32 bars of a song in the style of the show, an accompanist will be provided.

Headshots, sheet music, and resumes are required. Prior to your audition, please download, complete, and print the audition form to bring with you to your audition.

Auditions will be held in the Multipurpose Room (far South-East corner of the main building) of Salt Lake Community College’s South City Campus, 1575 South Sate Street Rm 1-032, Salt Lake City 84115.

Parking is available at no charge in the South-East parking lot off of 1700 South. Please enter the main building through the South-East entrance.

About the Show

The Producers will be directed by Jamie Rocha Allan.

  • Callbacks will be from 5:00PM-10:00PM on Monday, February 17 in the Multipurpose Room by invitation.
  • Callbacks will include sides, vocal callbacks, and a dance portion, so please wear clothes you can move in. 
  • The show will run Wednesdays – Saturdays, May 14 – June 6, 2020.
  • Rehearsals will begin on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 and will be held (apart from tech week) Monday – Friday from 6pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

All hired actors are paid via a stipend.

The Grand Theatre is committed to diverse, inclusive casting and actively seeks talented actors of color on an ongoing basis. We welcome all qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, color, gender, national origin or any other basis prohibited by law, unless otherwise specifically indicated.

Character Breakdown

A note about casting: All roles will be cast genderblind. 

Max Bialystock - is arrogant, self-righteous, menacing, artful, loving, rude, shiftless, thoughtful, obnoxious, and only interested in making money. Though this is later proven untrue, Max's outspoken and grumpy nature can be very imposing. He is willing to do anything to make money.

Leopold "Leo" Bloom - is a timid, shy and mild-mannered accountant, prone to panic attacks.

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson - is a young Swedish actress looking for a part in Max and Leo's production Springtime for Hitler. She is a stereotypical Swedish woman: tall and beautiful with lovely blonde hair. While the casting isn't to start for quite a while, Max and Leo hire her as their secretary/receptionist. Following the unwanted success of the musical, she and Leo flee to Rio de Janeiro where they marry. Her maiden name is never mentioned, but by the end of the play she is Ulla Inga Hansen-Bensen-Yanson-Tallen-Hallen-Svaden-Swanson Bloom.

Roger Elizabeth De Bris - is a flamboyantly gay theatre director, described by Max Bialystock as the worst director to have ever lived, and was chosen by Bialystock in an attempt to ensure that Springtime for Hitler would flop. He lives with his equally flamboyant partner Carmen Ghia and his production crew in a house described as an Upper East Side town house in New York. 

Carmen Ghia - is the partner of Roger De Bris. Equally as flamboyant, he looks like Rasputin and behaves like Marilyn Monroe.

Franz Liebkind - is a former Nazi who has penned an admiring musical tribute to Adolf Hitler, titled Springtime for Hitler. Liebkind is easily angered and emotionally unstable. The only background to his character is that he is a Nazi, carrier pigeon keeper (he named his favorite pigeon Adolf), and playwright who continues to worship Hitler. 

Ensemble - There are numerous other parts that will be played by the ensemble.

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How long is the rehearsal process?
Typically, rehearsals last about six weeks prior to opening. Due to the complexity of everyone's schedules, rehearsals are reserved for evenings Monday through Fridays and Saturdays, during the day. Generally rehearsals are scheduled from 6:00-10:00PM weeknights, and 9:00AM-4:00PM on Saturdays.

Do I get paid?
Yes, we do offer stipends to all adult actors employed during a production. Children, under legal working age, do not receive monetary compensation, but usually receive discounted tickets for family members.

Do you hire Equity?
No, not generally. We are not an Equity Theatre, although, occasionally there is an Equity contract offered under special circumstances. However, Equity actors are always encouraged to audition, as you never know what will be offered.