Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

Adapted for the stage by Melissa Leilani Larson

May 16 – June 8, 2024
Romantic Comedy

Mainstage | Thursday – Saturday |

Full of distinct characters, sparkling wit and timeless romance that has never gone out of print, Jane Austen’s classic comes alive on stage in this crisp adaptation. Almost from their first meeting, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself at odds with the reticent Mr. Darcy. She finds him cold and arrogant while he disapproves of her family and social standing. Despite his pride and her prejudice—or is it her pride and his prejudice?—Elizabeth and Darcy can’t seem to avoid each other’s company. Brought together by a series of events beyond their control, both must reconsider their first impressions. Melissa Leilani Larson’s Pride & Prejudice is a delight for Austen fans and newcomers alike.

Preview: May 15

A Utah playwright is about to achieve a rare feat. Here’s how you can watch.

In recounting the romantic exploits of the five Bennet sisters — usually focusing on the oldest, Elizabeth, and her sternly negative opinions of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy — Larson said, “there are some things about it that I tried very hard to do.”

Larson continued: “Like, I want all of the sisters — and everybody — in the story to have an arc, a story and a goal. It’s not just about Elizabeth and Darcy. It’s also about Jane and Bingley.”

In adapting Austen’s work, “I don’t necessarily want the audience to know what is Jane and what is me, so I try really hard to make the play feel very whole and complete,” she said. Read more.

Palak Jayswal, The Salt Lake Tribune