To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
Written by Aaron Sorkin
Based on the novel by ‎Harper Lee

March 26 - April 11, 2020
American Classic Series

Mainstage | Regional Premiere | Wednesday – Saturday |

The new stage adaptation of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, currently running on Broadway and featuring a script by Oscar and Emmy winner Aaron Sorkin. Set in the Depression-Era South, Tom Robinson, a black man, is accused of a crime against a white woman. When Lawyer Atticus Finch takes on the case, he is determined to give Tom a fair trial, despite the rampant racism and prejudice in his small town. A heated dissection of justice and virtue, Lee’s classic story is retold with a new light and contemporary edge.

Rating: PG

Atticus Finch
Paul Kiernan

Amanda Dayton

Max Huftalin

Levi Hopkins

Dee Dee Darby-Duffin

Boo Radley
Chris Harvey

Mr. Cunningham
Greg Carver

Judge Taylor
Jeffrey Owen

Bob Ewell
Matt Kohler

Mayella Ewell
Viviane Turman

Tom Robinson
Tristan Johnson

Sheriff Tate
Josh Durfey

Dill’s Mother
Jordyn Aspyn Durfey

Link Deas
Brandon Suisse

Baliff/Dr. Reynolds
Steve Allyn

Mrs. Dubose
Barb Smith

Horace Gilmer
Tyson Baker

Miss Stephanie
Natalie Keezer

Mr. Roscoe
Jack Cobabe